We are the Wolfe family. We started Wolfe Graphics in May of 2006. Our first commercial website,, went live that same week. Although we have other business interests, a Christ-centered enterprise is where we want our foundation to be. We opened with a vision to offer contemporary Christian t-shirts and apparel that both parents and children would be proud to wear as witness to their faith in Jesus Christ. We also want to offer the most affordable garments that we can so that anyone who calls Jesus their Savior can profess it in their everyday appearance.

And that is where it gets interesting. We started doing custom t-shirts and other items for Vacation Bible Schools and church events. Then a teacher friend of ours asked us to submit a bid for a large school event job. We got the job and from there the custom portion of our business took off!

Then, our daughter, started asking us for Pirate shirts. So we had a couple of Platte County designs made up and printed for our use and for gifts for our friends. But very quickly that really began to spread beyond our circle of friends, and requests for larger numbers than we had produced were coming in. So, like so many things we have done with our business, we are stepping out on faith and prayer to open a website where Pirate fans of all ages can purchase different PC gear than is available anywhere else.